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🔥 The long-awaited $SCALE token utility has been released! ⚫️ Staking is now available on DeDust.io under the Stake tab without any lock-in requirements or minimum investment size. But let's take it step by step. As a reminder, $SCALE is the native token of one of the most popular protocols on TON — the decentralized exchange DeDust.io. ⚫️ The coin was launched by the Scaleton team — developers of the DEX, and although $SCALE has always enjoyed a high level of trust and popularity in the ecosystem, many still wondered exactly how the token is linked to the exchange's functionality. Today, the DeDust.io team has finally provided an answer by launching staking for the $SCALE token. ⚫️ The main mechanism of this innovation is that all income from the protocol is shared among the stakers, meaning anyone who buys and stakes $SCALE becomes a direct beneficiary of DeDust.io. 20% of all exchange fees on the platform are used for the buyback of $SCALE, which is then distributed among the stakers. ✔️ Purchase $SCALE on DeDust.io 📈 Join $SCALE staking @thedailyton
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24 дня назад