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💎 How to buy TON and why you need it ⚫️ In blockchains, users pay a small fee for any transactions. TON, thanks to modern technical solutions, has achieved one of the lowest fees among all networks. ⚫️ The fee size can vary significantly depending on the type of transactions, but on average, a standard transfer between wallets will cost no more than 0.05 Toncoin. For those who want to understand the principle of fee formation on TON in more detail, we recommend reading our article. ⚫️ Either way, to use the blockchain and trade Notcoin in the future, you will need to have TON in your account. So, where can you buy it? ⚫️ After our introductory post, you should have an account on xRocket. There's also another popular wallet, Crypto Bot, with similar functionality. Today, we'll acquire our first TON on one of these platforms. ⚫️ The most common method of buying cryptocurrency is through P2P markets. The principle is simple: one person wants to buy TON, and another wants to sell it for currency and receive the money to their card. A transaction is created on the exchange, followed by a series of steps for a relatively safe deal. ⚫️ It's important to note that the buyer of the cryptocurrency always sends the money to the card first, and the seller will send the cryptocurrency only after confirming that the money has arrived on the card. Strictly follow the service's instructions to ensure a successful transaction. ⚫️ Head over to Crypto Bot and xRocket, check out the TON sale offers on the P2P market, choose the one that suits you, and take action! 🖊 In our next post from the #howtoton series, we will finally start getting acquainted with the main services of the ecosystem. But for now, your homework is to purchase a small amount of TON for your accounts. See you soon! @thedailyton
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