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💎 TON: Why we are all here ⚫️ TON (The Open Network) is a blockchain initially created by the Telegram team and then handed over to the open community, which has been developing it for several years. ⚫️ The blockchain itself is evolving, along with a multitude of products using TON as their infrastructure. Together, this is referred to as the «decentralized internet» or Web3. ⚫️ This rapid growth is accompanied by various promotional activities: new products strive to attract people, often by distributing their tokens, NFTs, or some sort of points. ⚫️ At The Daily TON, we cover all kinds of promotions and significant news from TON product ecosystem, discussing the opportunities they provide to users. We also occasionally host voice broadcasts with interesting guests. ⚫️ Thanks to Notcoin, many new people have joined our community (not specifically our channel, but the TON community as a whole). Therefore, we will soon be releasing educational materials under the hashtag #howtoton. These will enable newcomers to grasp the basics of working with blockchain projects and eventually become confident Web3 users. ⚫️ Stay with us if you want to be at the heart of the action and fully utilize all the opportunities that TON is ready to offer. @thedailyton
The Daily TON
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