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💡 Where am I? How can I earn with TON? 🖊 Hello! Welcome to The Daily TON channel – here, we bring you the latest news from the TON (The Open Network) ecosystem. ⚫️ TON is a blockchain developed by the Telegram team and handed over to the community, which continues to build and create various services on it, including games, wallets, exchanges, and more. ⚫️ We're also making our contribution by gathering important and interesting news all in one place. With an influx of new users, we're planning to focus on the following topics in the near future: 1. Educational materials – instructions, guides, and reviews that will help you dive into the ecosystem, feel more confident, and utilize all the opportunities that TON offers. 2. Curating activities from projects with monetary rewards. Many products in the ecosystem run marketing activities for new users, distributing tokens – either their own or from other projects. Often, these tokens are traded on exchanges and hold significant value. We'll be sharing information about such activities so you can participate, learn, and potentially earn valuable rewards. ⚫️ To kickstart your journey, we recommend taking the following steps: 1. Register on xRocket – a wallet bot with an integrated exchange. There's a good chance you can buy and sell Notcoin here once it's minted. But that's not a certainty. 2. Explore DeDust.io – the best decentralized exchange in TON. Here, you can exchange Notcoin, probably. 3. Stay updated with our channel. P.S. Comments on our channel are currently disabled due to a high volume of spam and fraudulent links. However, we plan to implement moderation soon, allowing you to interact with each other.
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