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✔️ Awaiting new tokens on the MEXC Exchange ⚫️ The token frenzy on TON continues to escalate. Every day, the «recent» tab on DYOR reveals dozens of new tokens with quirky names and dubious backgrounds. Nevertheless, it's these very tokens that are currently generating significant trading volumes on DeDust.io and providing «multiplier» opportunities for the
users ready to take high risks. ⚫️ Over time, these tokens go through a whitelisting process and make their way to the main list of DeDust.io — our sources say there's quite a queue of meme coins waiting to be added. ⚫️ So, what's next? It's unlikely that the token mania will last indefinitely, but certainly, a portion of these new coins will survive and eventually find their way to centralized exchanges. On MEXC, several TON tokens are already being traded, and soon this list is expected to be joined by $JETTON — the native token of a major gaming platform on Telegram. For more details about its features and the upcoming listing of $JETTON, you can visit the project's channel. ⚫️ Interestingly, you might have noticed that the ticker of this token is identical to the name of the most popular token standard on the TON blockchain. Likely a deliberate move by the gaming platform's authors, it ultimately contributed to additional recognition and crafted an image of the coin's reliability. 💡 Watching those green candles and token price surges might tempt some to go all-in — we urge everyone to make thoughtful financial decisions, diversify assets, and not to overburden yourself (and your wallet) with too much risk. @thedailyton
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