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⌨️ The Weekly TON: This week's highlights 🔥 We analyzed the results of the recent voting on TON.Vote for The Open League proposal, discussed the essence of the project, and talked with a representative from Tonstarter, obtaining answers to some important questions. ⚫️ The first phase of the EVAA Hackathon was launched — the Dev Phase. The main task for participants is to create liquidation bots that can automatically seize and sell collaterals when their value drops too low. ⚫️ Hipo celebrated its first month in the mainnet. In honor of this occasion, we talked about the team's achievements and the unique features and opportunities Hipo offers to its stakers. ⚫️ Getgems, through the Pearls by Gems bot, conducted the first drop of «compressed» NFTs on TON blockchain, spending just $3 to mint 16,000 tokens. ⚫️Animoca Brands, a blockchain game development studio and leading digital property rights holder in metaverses, has become the largest validator of TON network. ⚫️ TON Raffles launched a presale of their main utility token $RAFF through a Fairlaunch method, exceeding their Soft Cap plan by almost ten times at the time of writing this digest. @thedailyton
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