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Getgems NFT (Telegram) It's starting to get colder, which means it's time to cozy up in your blankets, grab your favorite drink, and catch up on our #weekly_digest. Here, we share what happened in the world of NFTs on TON over the week. Let's get started! 📌 The most important news of the past week is the rebranding of First Stage Labs: the company changed its name to The Open Platform and set a new goal - to become a leading developer in the emerging Telegram Web 3.0 ecosystem. 📌 Update from TON Punks: a new collection of weapons for Punk City, designed to diversify existing game play. The team claims that releasing a collection and then updates in the project has become a rule. Have a look yourself. 📌 Chess Zombies are coming: the collection launch will take place tomorrow, and the fastest ones will also receive an additional unique attribute in their NFTs. Set your timers; it's time to hunt for rare NFTs! 👀 Follow Getgems on social media: EN Chat | Twitter | YouTube | Website
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