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Gaming Tokens & NFT traders airdrop: eligibility and distribution rules TL;DR: ▪️@League just airdropped 120,000 Toncoin (TON) to the most active traders of whitelisted Gaming and NFT-related tokens on @dedust or @stonfidex between April 1, 12:00 UTC & May 7, 00:00 UTC. ▪️Whitelisted assets included the tokens and NFT collections of games participating in the App Battle of The Open League (Ton Punks, Tap Fantasy, Arbuz, Tongochi, Gatto, Fanton, XPLUS, The Pixels). ▪️Check out the new airdrop calendar page for hints about future airdrops. Full Rules and eligibility criteria will be published on TON Research. Rewards were allocated to 1,757 eligible wallets based on the total score: ▪️Scores 1-5: 50 TON ▪️Scores 6-7: 70 TON ▪️Scores 7+: 100 TON Stay tuned. Join @league. Turn 🔔 on!
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