Новости TON в одном месте

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Getgems NFT (Telegram) Watch out, gems! A new contest on the way... 😏 While other cool stuff is in making, we’re announcing a lighthearted mini contest for our community's most creative members. Theme: TON NFT world in one pic. Assignment: Produce a picture that corresponds to the theme, BUT keep in mind that we give the nod to high concentration of memes, crypto, and creativity per m². Let your imagination run wild! Share your art masterpieces (the picture and its title) in the comments to this post or in the corresponding tweet, and leave reactions to the top pics you like. We will choose three winners on Friday, May 26. Each of them will get 10 TON. The winners wil be chosen by the most subjective and partial jury committee to ever exist — us. 🆗 Now let’s rock on! 👀 Follow Getgems on social media:... View original post
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